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11th International Conference on

Climate Change

Theme: Exploration To Support Strategies For Limiting Climate Change

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Barcelona, Spain

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Peter Taylor

Ethos-UK Consultancy

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Wieslaw Ziaja

Jagiellonian University

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Katerina Kreislova

Czech Republic

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Venkatachalam Ramaswamy

NOAA/GFDL, Princeton University

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Marcellus Caldas

Kansas State University of Cambridge

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Chang Sug Park

Kansas State University of Cambridge

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Babu Joseph

University of South Florida

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The University of Hong Kong
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Burton C

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Wongkot Wongsapai

Assistant Professor Chiang Mai University

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Swansea University

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Climate Congress 2024

About Conference

EuroSciCon warmly respects each one of the individuals and supporters from worldwide to attend "World Summit on Climate Change and Global Warming” amid February 08-09, 2024 in Barcelona, Spain. This Climate Change Conferences 2024 overwhelmingly emphasis on “New Emerging Drifts and Tactic to Challenge Climate changes and Global Warming”.

About Climate Change and Global Warming

Climate Change is an adjustment in the factual dispersion of climate designs that goes on for an expanded timeframe. The Earth's atmosphere has been changing all through the history. Just over the most recent 650,000 years there have been seven cycles of cold progress and withdraw, with the sudden end of the last ice age around 7,000 years prior denoting the start of the cutting edge atmosphere time and of human development. A large portion of these atmosphere changes are credited to little varieties in Earth's circle that change the measure of sun based vitality our planet gets. At display, the present situation of the environmental change is at disturbing levels. The present warming pattern is of specific hugeness in light of the fact that the vast majority of it is likely human-instigated and continuing at a rate that is phenomenal in the previous 1,300 years. Earth-circling satellites and other mechanical advances have empowered researchers to see the comprehensive view, gathering a wide range of sorts of data about our planet and its atmosphere on a worldwide scale. This group of information, gathered over numerous years, uncovers the signs of an evolving atmosphere.

International Climate Change Conferences will focus on variety of advanced research topics including Carbon Sequestration, Climate Change and Global Warming Evidences, Greenhouse Gases, Pollution and Climate Change, Climate Hazards, GIS and Remote Sensing, Climate Change & Health, Ecology and Ecosystems, Renewable Energy, Bioenergy, Climate Solutions, Disaster Risk Reduction (DRR), Climate Policy and Entrepreneurs Investment Meet..

These Climate Change Conferences proceedings include symposiums and workshops, keynote speeches, plenary talks, poster sessions and panel discussion on latest research developments in the field of climate changes and global warming.

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Euroscicon organizes International Nutrition Meetings annually across Europe, Austria, Ireland, Germany, France, Liechtenstein, Lithuania, Finland, Luxembourg, Hungary, Italy, Norway, Poland, Denmark, Macedonia, Greece, Portugal, Romania, Czech Republic, Switzerland, United Kingdom, Belgium, Scotland, Latvia, Ukraine, Sweden, Denmark, Spain, Netherlands Russia, Bulgaria, France, with solitary subject of quickening logical revelations. 


Climate Change & Climatology

Evidence of Climate Changes

Global Warming Effects & Causes

Climate Change: Biodiversity Scenarios

Carbon Cycle

Climate Hazards

Risks of Climate Change

Effective Adaptation

Energy Policy

Climate Change Challenges

Climate Change Law & Policy

Oceans & Climate Change

Sustainability & Climate Change

Pollution & its Effects on Climate

Pollution Control

Climate Change and Migration

Climate Change and Coastal Stressors

CO2 Responsible Climate Change?

Renewable Energy to Mitigate Climate Change

Solutions for Climate Change

CO2 Capture and Sequestration

Climate Change Economics

Climate Change & Health

Space Monitoring of Climate Variables

Session and Tracks

EuroSciCon warmly respects each one of the individuals and supporters from worldwide to attend "World Summit on Climate Change and Global Warming” amid February 08-09, 2024 in Barcelona, Spain. This Climate Change Conferences 2024 overwhelmingly emphasis on “New Emerging Drifts and Tactic to Challenge Climate changes and Global Warming”.

Track 1: Climate Change & Climatology

Gives a one of a kind stage to analysts and researcher to investigate the progressed and most recent research improvements in the field of Climate Change changes additionally called an Earth-wide temperature boost, alludes to the ascent in normal surface temperatures on Earth. Climatology, the investigation of Climate and its connection to plant and creature life, is critical in many fields, including agribusiness, flight, prescription, organic science, zoology, topography, and geology. Changes in Climate influence, for instance, the plant and creature life of a given range. Climatology, the study of Climate and its connection to plant and creature life, is essential in many fields, including agribusiness, flying, prescription, plant science, zoology, topography, and geology. Changes in Climate influence, for instance, the plant and creature life of a given territory.

Important Keywords

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Track 2: Evidence of Climate Changes

Many lines of logical proof demonstrate the Earth's atmosphere is evolving. This page displays the most recent data from a few autonomous measures of watched environmental change that delineate an overwhelmingly convincing story of a planet that is experiencing an Earth-wide temperature boost. Our reality is getting hotter. In the course of the most recent 100 years, the normal worldwide surface temperature has ascended to around 0.74C. For researchers contemplating the effects of environmental change, such inquiries - and answers - are continually being amended and refined as more data is accumulated, models are tweaked, and inputs are better caught on.

Important Keywords

Evidence of Climate Change ConferencesClimate Change MeetingsClimate Change Events;

Track 3:  Global Warming Effects & Causes

Most atmosphere researchers concur the primary driver of the flow an Earth-wide temperature boost slant is a human extension of the "nursery effect"1 — warming those outcomes when the air traps warm transmitting from Earth toward space. Human exercises are changing the characteristic nursery. In the course of the most recent century, the consumption of petroleum products like coal and oil has expanded the convergence of climatic carbon dioxide (CO2). An Earth-wide temperature boost is essentially an issue of an excessive amount of carbon dioxide (CO2) in the air—which goes about as sweeping, catching warmth and warming the planet.

Important Keywords

Global Warming ConferencesClimate Change MeetingsGlobal Warming Events

Track 4: Climate Change: Biodiversity Scenarios

Situations of changes in biodiversity for the year 2100 would now be able to be produced, in light of situations of changes in barometrical CO2atmospherevegetation, and land utilize and the known affectability of biodiversity to these progressions in earthbound and freshwater ecosystems. The term "biodiversity" is utilized as a part of a wide sense as it is characterized in the Convention on Biological Diversity to mean the plenitude and circulations of and cooperation’s between genotypes, species, groups, environments, and biomes.

Important Keywords

Biodiversity ConferencesBiodiversity MeetingsBiodiversity Events

Track 5:  Carbon Cycle

The worldwide carbon push works through an assortment of reaction and input component, reactions of the carbon cycle to changing CO2 focus. Anthropogenic CO2 by the sea is principally administered by sea dissemination and carbonate science. Changes in sea life science achieved by changes in calcification at low pH could expand the spotless take-up of CO2 by a couple of rate focuses.

Important Keywords

Carbon Cycle ConferencesCarbon MeetingsCarbon Cycle Events

Track  6:  Climate Hazards

The investigation of climatic perils is a decent case of the pragmatic significance of ecological climatology. This survey of climatic risks not just layouts the colossal assortment of such occasions and their effects, yet in addition delineates the present interests of any future difficulties for the climatologist. Climatic risks are operators of a debacle as far as what they may do to human settlements or to the earth. Possibly unsafe environmental wonders incorporate tropical violent winds, rainstorms, tornadoes, dry spell, rain, hail, snow, lightning, haze, wind, temperature extremes, air contamination, and climatic change. The atmosphere and atmosphere related dangers, for example, surges, tempests, and dry spells have filled in as trigger occasions for over 75% of the catastrophes that have happened internationally finished the previous decade. Proportionately, these catastrophes influence the slightest created nations most seriously, ended up being particularly unsafe to neediness stricken populaces

Important Keywords

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Track  7:  Risks of Climate Change

Current expectations of annihilation dangers from environmental change differ generally relying upon the particular suspicions and geographic and ordered concentration of each investigation. I combined distributed investigations keeping in mind the end goal to assess a worldwide mean eradication rate and figure out which factors contribute the best vulnerability to atmosphere change– initiated termination dangers. Results propose that eradication dangers will quicken with future worldwide temperatures, debilitating up to one out of six animal categories under current strategies. Annihilation dangers were most elevated in South America, Australia, and New Zealand, and dangers did not shift by scientific categorization. Sensible suppositions about eradication obligation and dispersal limit considerably expanded termination dangers. We desperately need to embrace systems that point of confinement facilitate environmental change on the off chance that we are to stay away from an increasing speed of worldwide terminations.

Important Keywords

Risks of Climate Change ConferencesClimate Change MeetingsClimate Change Events

Track  8: Effective  Adaptation

These shorter-term varieties are for the most part because of regular causes and don't negate our basic understanding that the long haul warming pattern is principal because of human-incited changes in the atmospheric levels of CO2 and other nursery gasses. Rising economy countries are currently trying to recognize openings and related monetary, specialized, and approach necessities to advance toward a low carbon development way. Outrageous atmosphere occasions, for example, aridity, dry season, surge, twister and stormy precipitation are relied upon to leave an effect on human culture. They are likewise anticipated that would produce across the board reaction to adjust and moderate the sufferings related to these extremes. Societal and social reactions to delayed dry spell incorporate populace disengagement, social division, home surrender, and societal crumple. A commonplace reaction to neighbourhood aridity is the human relocation to more secure and beneficial territories.

Important Keywords

Effective Adaptation ConferencesEffective Climate Change MeetingsEffective AdaptationEvents;

Track 9: Energy Policy

Exercises that go for bringing issues to light and enhancing access to logical data on adjustment, so chiefs can better coordinate environmental change issues being developed arranging and destitution reduction measures. The exercises incorporate national science-approach exchanges, territorial learning sharing techniques, and provincial training. The science-approach exchanges are intended to address the requirement for better two-way association and correspondence at the science-strategy interface on environmental change issues, especially on adjustment. Vitality productivity openings, which are of specific significance to urban communities, are structures and area vitality frameworks. To construct an administrative technique, set up empowering enactment and administrative gauges, and set up requirement systems.

Important Keywords

Energy ConferencesEnvironmental Change MeetingsEnergy Events

Track 10: Climate Change Challenges

Environmental change is one of the characterizing difficulties of the 21st century, alongside worldwide populace, neediness easing, ecological debasement and worldwide security. The issue is that 'environmental change' is never again only a logical concern, yet includes financial matters, human science, geopolitics, national and nearby legislative issues, law, and wellbeing just to give some examples. However, with such a significant number of different issues on the planet would it be advisable for us to think about the environmental change? We are finding that in the event that we don't create win-win arrangements then environmental change will exacerbate all our different issues.

Important Keywords

Climate Change ConferencesClimate Change MeetingsClimate Change Challenges Events

Track 11: Climate Change Law & Policy

The environmental change raises critical social, natural and lawful difficulties. The administration framework applying to environmental change is perplexing and multi-level. A focal issue in worldwide law and arrangement is the means by which nations of the world ought to allow the weight of tending to worldwide environmental change. Nations around the globe are taking vital local activities to help handle the issue of environmental change.

Important Keywords

Climate Change Law ConferencesClimate Change Law MeetingsClimate Policy Events

Track 12: Oceans & Climate Change

Atmosphere Changes in sea frameworks, for the most part, happen over any longer eras than in the climate, where tempests can shape and disperse in a solitary day. Co operations between the seas and air happen gradually finished numerous months to years, thus does the development of water inside the seas, including the blending of profound and shallow waters. Along these lines, patterns can endure for quite a long time, hundreds of years, or more. Hence, regardless of the possibility that ozone-harming substance discharges were balanced out tomorrow, it would take numerous more years—decades to hundreds of years—for the seas to ac climate to changes in the environment and the atmosphere that has just happened.

Important Keywords

Ocean Change ConferencesOceans MeetingsOceans& Climate Change Events

Track 13: Sustainability & Climate Change

The developing exchange and activity on natural and social issues internationally make the requirement for organizations to comprehend the open doors and dangers identified with environmental change and to create practical plans of action that implant ecological, social and financial standards at vital, administrative and operational levels while meeting partner's expectations. Our concentrate is on furnishing our customers with dynamic administration offerings that are customized to their prerequisites in view of their demography, area, and customer particular issues. The standards, models, rules, systems, and apparatuses used to give these administrations are comprehensively acknowledged, tried after some time, and are refreshed on a ceaseless partner

Important Keywords

Sustainability ConferencesClimate Change MeetingsSustainability Climate Change Events

Track 14: Pollution & its Effects on Climate

Condition Pollution and Climate Change' is a global, open access explore diary that converses few issues, related dangers, remediation strategies and procedures relating to air, water, soil, commotion, warm, radioactive and light contaminations and environmental change. This companion assessed diary reports unique and novel research perceptions with respect to ecological contamination and environmental change along these lines adding to the new learning option in the field. Sustainability comprehensively implies adjusting monetary, social and natural frameworks so one 'framework' does not antagonistically affect the other two. Long haul changes in the normal climate designs/temperature. Regularly utilized reciprocally with 'A worldwide temperature alteration "or "Green House Gas Effect" states and is connected to an artificial quickening of the measure of CO2 delivered internationally. This graph to outlines the verifiable ascent in ozone-harming substance discharges throughout the hundreds of years.

Important Keywords

Pollution ConferencesEnvironmental Pollution Change MeetingsPollution Events

Track 15:  Pollution Control

Pollution is it a protracted recipe to apply it with substantial apparatus on a long haul premise with hello there fi specialized aptitude? Obviously not, it's commitment to every last one of us to assume his or her part for the relief of natural corruption at individual and aggregate levels. Along these lines, our unending endeavours could expedite the adjustment in the earth of our world. We know extremely well that contamination is a danger; it is so destructive forever and soundness of people. A large number of individuals all around the word specifically or in a roundabout way get influenced by this dim reality and thousands bite the dust of this revile yearly. In addition, world economy endures misfortunes of billions of dollars attributable to this all-unavoidable danger. Regardless of this, we are not paying notice to this major issue.

Important Keywords

Pollution Control  ConferencesPollution Control MeetingsPollution Control Events

Track 16: Climate Change and Migration

Natural components have long affected worldwide movement streams, as individuals have truly left places with cruel or breaking down conditions. Be that as it may, the size of such streams, both inward and cross-outskirt, is required to ascend because of quickened environmental change, with exceptional effects on lives and jobs. Such movement can have positive and negative impacts on both the nearby adapting limit and the earth in territories from which these vagrants begin, and in addition to their transitory or perpetual destinations. Migration, environmental change, and the earth are interrelated. Similarly, as natural corruption and fiascos can cause relocation, development of individuals can likewise involve noteworthy consequences for encompassing biological communities

Important Keywords

Climate Migration ConferencesClimate Migration MeetingsClimate Change and Migration Events

Track 17: Climate Change and Coastal Stressors

Physical, substance and organic stressors are real parts of the condition that, when changed by human or different exercises, can bring about corruption to regular assets. Waterfront environments the real dangers to biodiversity are various, with atmosphere stressors being very much recorded as a noteworthy risk. Because of present populace development and improvement, seaside regions worldwide are under in-wrinkling stress. Beachfront ranges are key central focuses for a way of life and economy. Waterfront administration will be pointed essentially at neighbourhood government, which is in charge of overseeing extensive ranges of open seaside arrive and shorelines, and safeguarding the qualities and convenience that make a significant number of these territories so valuable.

Important Keywords

Coastal Stressors ConferencesClimate Change Meetings Coastal Stressors Events

Track 18: CO2 Responsible Climate Change

Carbon dioxide (CO2) is the essential ozone-depleting substance discharged through human exercises. In 2013, CO2 represented around 82% of all U.S. ozone-harming substance outflows from human exercises. Carbon dioxide is normally present in the climate as a major aspect of the Earth's carbon cycle (the common flow of carbon among the environment, seas, soil, plants, and creatures .In any case, outflows and evacuation of CO2 by these normal procedures tend to adjust.

Important Keywords

Carbon dioxide (CO2) ConferencesClimate Change MeetingsCO2 Events

Track 19: Renewable Energy to Mitigate Climate Change

Vitality is stored in a scope of vitality sources, which can be non-inexhaustible or sustainable. Inexhaustible wellsprings of vitality are those that can be refilled in a brief timeframe, instead of non-sustainable wellsprings of energy. Renewable wellsprings of vitality today influence an irrelevant contribution to add up to vitality to utilize, contrasted with that of non-inexhaustible sources. A scope of boundaries hampers the far-reaching arrangement of sustainable power source technologies. This broad report from the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) gives an evaluation and investigation of inexhaustible advancements and their potential part in alleviating atmosphere change challenges of coordination, specialized viewpoints, potential and similar cost of the accompanying six sustainable advances.

Important Keywords

Renewable Energy ConferencesMitigate Climate Change MeetingsRenewable Energy Events

Track 20: Solutions for Climate Change

The tremendousness of a dangerous atmospheric deviation can demoralize and discouraging. What would one be able to an individual, or even one country, do without anyone else to moderate and switch environmental change?  Fortunately, we know precisely what should be done to stop environmental change - and the innovations we require as of now exist. With the correct arrangements at national and nearby levels, we would have the capacity to send them on a vast scale.

Important Keywords

Solutions of Climate ChangeConferencesClimate Change MeetingsClimate Change Events

 Track 21: CO2 Capture and Sequestration

Carbon dioxide (CO2) capture and sequestration (CCS) could play an important role in reducing greenhouse gas emissions while enabling low-carbon electricity generation from power plants. Carbon dioxide (CO2) capture and sequestration (CCS) can significantly reduce emissions from large stationary sources of CO2, which include coal- and natural-gas-fired power plants, as well as certain industry types such as ethanol and natural gas processing plants.

Important Keywords

CO2 capture and Sequestration Conferences CO2 Capture MeetingsCO2 Events

Track 22: Climate Change Economics

Temperature ascends because of environmental change may profoundly harm the worldwide economy and moderate development in the coming decades if nothing is done to moderate the pace of warming, as indicated by new research. The analysts behind the examination, distributed in the diary Nature, found that temperature change because of unmitigated a worldwide temperature alteration will leave worldwide GDP per capita 23% lower in 2100 than it would be with no warming. "We're fundamentally discarding cash by not tending to the issue," said Marshall Burke, an aide teacher at Stanford University. "We see our investigation as giving a gauge of the advantages of decreasing discharges."

Important Keywords

Climate Economics ConferencesClimate Change MeetingsClimate Economics Events

Track 23: Climate Change & Health

In the course of the most recent 50 years, human exercises – especially the consuming of petroleum derivatives – have discharged adequate amounts of carbon dioxide and other nursery gasses to trap extra warmth in the lower environment and influence the worldwide climate. Although an Earth-wide temperature boost may bring some confined advantages, for example, fewer winter passings in calm atmospheres and expanded nourishment creation in specific territories, the general wellbeing impacts of a changing atmosphere are probably going to be overwhelmingly negative. Environmental change influences social and ecological determinants of wellbeing – clean air, safe drinking water, adequate nourishment and secure safe house. 

Important Keywords

Climate Change & Health ConferencesClimate Change& Health MeetingsClimate Health Events

Track  24: Space Monitoring of Climate Variables

It is a physical, creation or common variable or a social event of associated factors that on a very basic level adds to the depiction of Earth' s air. Datasets give the correct affirmation anticipated that would grasp and predict the improvement of the environment, to oversee balance and change measures, to assess risks and enable attribution of air events to crucial causes, and to help climate organizations. They are required to help made by the UNFCCC and the IPCC.Passive sensors and their applications Passive satellite sensors measure the normal radiation (or vitality) that is reflected or discharged by objects. Taking a gander at the Earth from space there are two essential wellsprings of vitality that might be measured by such instruments: vitality from the sun which has been reflected by the Earth (which might be alluded to as sun oriented, or shortwave radiation (i.e. light)), and the warm discharge from the Earth These satellite estimations, together with other autonomous perceptions, join to give the proof to atmosphere change The European Space Agency has focused on delivering informational collections of Essential Climate factors through its Climate Change Initiative program. The program concentrates on the factors that it can best cover utilizing ESA satellite information, which are as of now:

Important Keywords

Space Monitoring ConferencesClimate Variables MeetingsSpaceEvent

Market Analysis

Market Analysis:

Market Overview:

The global climate tech market size totalled US$ 13.8 Bn in 2021. The market is expected to reach US$ 147.5 Bn by 2032, growing at a CAGR of 24.2% from 2022 – 2032.

The climate tech market currently accounts for around 10% of the global environmental technology platform market. The market is set to grow at a steady pace owing to increasing number of issues across the globe such as climatic changedepletion of natural resourcesand rising pollution levels.

Additionally, adoption of climate tech as an alternative to conventional energy sources is being pushed by growing awareness about the negative effects of environmental degradation and rising global warming levels.

Besides, a large number of green technology programs launched by governments of various countries to support sustainable development are expected to have a favourable impact on the uptake of climate tech solutions for producing renewable energy.

In addition, these solutions are likely to be employed to fulfil the expanding demand for information and transparency in terms of data management, impact quantification, and product verification & traceability.

The fourth industrial revolution, also known as Industry 4.0, is promoting the use of sustainable practices and eco-friendly technology to lessen power and energy consumption during manufacturing processes, thereby pushing the market.


2017-2021 Global Climate Tech Demand Outlooks Compared to 2022-2032 Forecast:

The global climate tech market is estimated to grow at a CAGR of 24.2% between 2022 and 2032, as compared to a CAGR of around 17.5% exhibited during the historical period (2017-2021). Rising pollution levels due to high carbon emissions worldwide are projected to drive growth.

Development of new technologies to monitor, preserve, or lessen various environmental impacts requires the use of environmental science. These technologies help in the management or reduction of waste streams and remediation of contaminated areas. Besides, they aid in the designing, development, and operation of environmental infrastructure, as well as the delivery of environmental resources.

The market for climate tech is set to exhibit exponential growth owing to rising use of these solutions in the fields of solid waste treatmentgas dissolvingpollution monitoringdry steamingdust emissionwater purification managementfire detection, and crop monitoring.

Adoption of Wastewater Treatment Procedures:

Water is a natural resource that makes about 70% of the earth. However, only 2.5% of that is freshwater, which is readily available. By 2050, there will be an estimated 9.7 billion people on the planet, which would require freshwater. Water use has rapidly increased over the past ten years and it is steadily outpacing the rate at which the world's population is growing.

A territory is deemed to be water-stressed by the United Nations (UN) when it withdraws 25% or more of its renewable freshwater resources. As a result, there is an increasing need to manage the high demand and consider water as a valuable resource. Countries with water shortages are implementing a wide range of solutions to control this particular issue.

For instance, a UNU-INWEH research claims that implementation of Sustainable Development Goals (SDG) by UN member states in 2015 stimulated other nations like Canada, to prioritize wastewater treatment procedures, water efficiency, and water recycling. To provide clean drinking water, cutting-edge technologies are used to purify the impure water.

Elimination of suspended particles and microbiological contaminants is the objective of numerous treatment solutionsElectro dialysis and reverse osmosis (RO) are two emerging technologies that can be used in the desalination process, thereby driving the global market.

Implementation of Stringent Norms by Government Agencies:

Use of climate science to develop new technologies with the goal of monitoring, conserving, or reducing the risks posed to the climate while using its resources is known as climate technology or climate tech. Environment monitoring is fundamental to climate tech.

Various government organizations have established numerous rules revolving around the climate, particularly for manufacturing enterprises. Huge fines and penalties may be imposed for breaking these rules. Thus, companies are rapidly adopting advanced climate tech solutions to prevent implementation of fines.


"Presence of Climate Change Technology Providers in the United States to Aid Growth"

In 2021, the United States held approximately 81.3% of the North American climate tech market share. The presence of various technology developers in the country, which provide new climate-related products that are superior in terms of design, engineering, and sturdiness, is expected to drive growth. These key manufacturers are also more concerned with long-term business and engineering connections than with short-term revenue opportunities. As a result, the federal government is investing heavily in the development of climate-tech solutions in the United States in order to modernise the country's systems.

“Climate Technology Solutions Are Gaining Traction in the Market”

By component, the solutions segment is expected to showcase a CAGR of around 22.4% in the forecast period, says FMI. The segment held the largest market share of about 81.7% in 2021.

Rapid globalization and on-going development of various infrastructures have continuously exploited the climate. Emerging technologies would provide new avenues for sustainable development. Thus, key market participants are coming up with novel climate tech solutions to cater to rising demand.

 “Construction Companies Are Prioritizing Climate Change Technology to Develop Green Buildings”

By application, the green building segment is expected to showcase a CAGR of around 17.3% in the forecast period. As per FMI, the segment held the largest market share of nearly 26.8% in 2021.

Right from site selection to construction and design, maintenance, & operation to repair and deconstruction, buildings should be constructed in an environmentally conscious manner. Green building, also referred to as sustainable or high-performance building is the term used to describe this method.

The technique enhances the functionality, accessibility, comfort, and longevity of conventional building designs. Indoor environmental qualityresource efficiencywater & energy efficiency, and the overall environmental impact of the building are being prioritized by companies, which would aid growth.

 “Climate Change Tech Companies Are Using Blockchain Technology”

The block chain segment is likely to grow at a rapid pace by exhibiting a CAGR of around 23.9% between 2022 and 2032. By encouraging real-time data exchange, several firms are utilizing block chain as a tool to improve the accessibility and sustainability of energy systems. Block chain can also stimulate innovation in climate tech with increasing carbon emissions from energy-intensive crypto currency mining.

On the other hand, the cloud computing technology category is anticipated to generate the largest market share in the assessment period. Cloud computing provides real-time remote access to data from sensors, satellite photos, and weather, which would lead to its expansion.

Key players present in the global climate tech market are competing with each other to attract a sizable customer base. Market participants are focusing on investments in R&D activities to enhance features of their existing product lines. They are also engaging in strategic partnerships to generate more shares in the climate tech market.

For instance:

  • In June 2022, Climeworks AG, a Swiss start-up, is planning to develop its second large-scale direct air capture (DAC) plant in the next 18-24 months. It will have a capacity to suck nearly 36,000 tons of carbon dioxide every year from the air.
  • In January 2020, GE Hitachi Nuclear Energy and TerraPower designed and built a new VTR program for the U.S. Department of Energy (DOE). With their combined expertise in sodium reactor technology, engineers and scientists involved in this partnership would make up a potential team.

GE and IBM continue to dominate the fast-growing global climate tech space.

Back in 2020, GE had made a commitment to become carbon-neutral by changing its operations by the end of 2030. It also declared its plans to be net zero by 2050. Its plan includes Scope 3 emissions that usually result from the increasing use of sold products.

As around 1 billion individuals around the globe lack access to reliable power, the company mentioned that it is experiencing high demand across three of its core industries, namely, healthcare, energy, and aviation. It is aiming to meet this high demand while also lowering greenhouse gas emissions. It would require constant innovation and GE is ever ready for the challenge.

GE’s employees are currently striving to innovate its breakthrough technologies in the field of climate to meet the global decarbonisation commitments. It would further create a more efficient and smarter future, as well as enable precision health.

IBM, on the other hand, stated that nearly 6% of annual earnings were affected by extreme climate and weather events in the past decade. It has thus recommended businesses to consider climate change into their decision-making process.

As consumers, investors, and governments are demanding action to address climate change by reducing carbon emissions in the atmosphere, IBM is focusing on setting net zero greenhouse gas emissions targets.

It is providing its unique IBM Environmental Intelligence Suite to help its clients take the right decision for their businesses. Its Suite has a long history of enabling customers to create their own paths to environmental sustainability and resilience.

The IBM Environmental Intelligence Suite of applications brings together third-party, as well as proprietary weather and geospatial data. It includes dashboard visualizations, custom weather alerts, and geospatial analytics.

Industry add-ons such as outage predictions, vegetation management, renewable energy forecasting, airports, and agribusiness management have been also included in the Suite to deliver a deeper understanding of the climate so that an individual can adjust and plan as per changing conditions.

IBM’s suite also helps to prevent disturbances to vital assets, including infrastructure by utilizing geospatial analytics and data to evaluate the climate risk. Businesses will be able to prepare contingency plans by taking into consideration security measures.

IBM is currently planning to help its clients take the path of sustainability with its deep industry and domain expertise. It is soon aiming to implement and develop the right strategies, initiate technology innovation, build intelligent workflows & operating models, and help individuals achieve their sustainability goals.

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Top Climate Change and Global Warming based Universities Worldwide

Environmental Sciences based Universities in Europe

University of Oxford | University of Cambridge | Delft University of Technology |  Ecol Polytechnique Fédérale de | Stockholm University | Technical University of Denmark | Lund University | UCL(University College London) | Aarhus University | Lancaster University     RWTH Aachen University | University of Aberdeen  | University of Birmingham |  University of Bristol | The University of Exeter | Ghent University | University of Helsinki | University of Leeds | University of Reading | University of Southampton | Uppsala University | Utrecht University | Radboud  University | Norwegian University of Science And Technology | Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences | Universidad Autónoma de Madrid | Universität Bremen Albert-Ludwigs-Universitaet Freiburg | University of Vienna | Université Pierre et Marie Curie | University of Liverpool | Plymouth University | Aalborg University | Charles UniversityChristian-Albrechts-University zu Kie | Eberhard Karls Universität  Tübingen | Loughborough University | Queen's University Belfas | Lomonosov Moscow State University | Cranfield University | Cardiff University | Bangor University | University of Zurich          

Climate Change and Global Warming based Universities in Asia

National University of Singapore (NUS) | Tsinghua University | The University of Tokyo  Peking University | Seoul National University | National Taiwan University (NTU) |



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